The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith, Bishop of Newark

The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith

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On the Bishop's blog, Signs of God's Grace:

Religion is taking up less and less space in our culture. In his book American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us (2012), Harvard professor Robert Putnam unveils his research on the decline of social capital in American culture, which are the voluntary networks people engage in. He indicates that each succeeding generation is ten percent less likely to have a religious affiliation, which is but one form of social capital. The fastest growing religious affiliation in America is that of people who claim no religious affiliation.

It is called Military Park, but because of my New England roots, I think of it as a “Common.” A park connotes a place for recreation and refreshment, which are laudable – and necessary, activities. A Common goes a little further than that – in that the whole community can claim participation and ownership. With a Common, everyone has a common interest.

To use an old Anglican metaphor, it is meet and right that we are celebrating this new congregation – Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, on the Feast of Pentecost – which has long been associated as the birthday of the church. It was on that Pentecost, as recorded in the book of Acts, when incredible sights were seen and dramatic sounds were heard – tongues as of fire on everyone’s head – and the rush of a violent wind – and they spoke in many languages that they could all understand.