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[The Daily Record] The Church of the Redeemer was the setting Sunday for a group marriage ceremony that celebrated the legalization of same-sex marriages in New Jersey.

The ceremony featured more than two dozen same-sex and straight couples within the church.

From Bishop Beckwith

My favorite definition of stewardship is “All we do with all we have, all the time,” thus making stewardship a year-round enterprise.

Most of our congregations have completed their annual pledge campaign, and are preparing for the Christmas holidays. I invite you to include the Alleluia Fund for Outreach in your holiday giving; and to consider your contribution as another part of year-round stewardship.

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[The Star-Ledger] Cuts to the U.S. food stamp program will mean 1.9 billion fewer meals for hungry Americans in 2014. That’s more than half the number of meals the country’s food banks already are expected to serve. If House Republicans succeed in cutting $40 billion more from the program over the next decade, another 1.5 billion meals will be wiped out.


Poverty is a complex knot of multiple strands of risk entangled around children, families, and schools, constraining children’s educational and social opportunities and stifling their development. Poverty threatens children’s development from multiple angles at once, arising from the home, school and neighborhood contexts concurrently. This complexity causes otherwise caring people to throw up their hands and walk away in frustration, thinking there is nothing to be done. But a growing body of research is showing us how to untangle the poverty knot.

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[The Montclair Times] Hunger is very present in Essex County.

Toni's Kitchen, the food ministry of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 73 South Fullerton Ave., has seen a 62 percent increase in the number of meals served to its guests since 2007, according to director Anne Mernin. The Salvation Army Montclair Citadel, 13 Trinity Place, served approximately 16 percent more meals in its most recent service year than it did the year previously, according to Major Larry Ashcraft.

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Gerard "Jerry" Racioppi and Randall "Randy" Johnson are long time members of the Diocese of Newark; Randy is a member of the Episcopal House staff.

[West Orange Chronicle] West Orange residents Gerard Racioppi and Randall Johnson always knew they would eventually be able to legally marry in New Jersey, but never assumed it would happen so soon. Racioppi and Johnson were the first same-sex couple to be married in West Orange Township on Oct. 21, days after same-sex marriage was legalized in the state, following Gov. Chris Christie’s withdrawal of an appeal looking to ban the institution.

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The Rev. Diane Riley, a Deacon in the Diocese of Newark, is quoted in this article.

[NJToday] Those who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, will see a decrease in their assistance come Nov. 1. The reduction in benefits comes because a 2009 law temporarily increasing SNAP benefits during the recession has run out. The cut comes right before the holiday season and those involved in food banks and food pantries in New Jersey believe it will be devastating for those in the state who need the help.


It’s a familiar scenario: every time a mass shooting appears in the national news it is inevitably followed by politicians and media pundits who immediately point to the need for more mental health services as the answer. Questions are quickly raised about the mental health status of the shooter and so the connection is always made in people’s minds between violence and the mentally ill.

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Ed. note: Cindy Meneghin and Maureen Killian are log-time members of the Diocese of Newark.

[The Star-Ledger] Years ago, Cindy Meneghin's father gave her advice about making a lifelong commitment.

Every year, he said, ask Maureen Killian if she wants to spend the coming year together. Never take it for granted.

For 39 years, Killian has stayed by Meneghin's side ("Sometimes, I leave her hanging for a minute," Killian said). And Saturday, for the second or third time — depending on when you start counting — the two will be joined in marriage.