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Recycling receptacles for empty bottles and cans and copy paper will be located next to trash collection containers in areas where we gather for convention activities. 

[Madison Patch] Jack Harter, a member of Grace Episcopal Church in Madison who loved animals and for whom the community rallied to raise money so he could have a service dog, died last week in his sleep.

[Episcopal News Service] What does a new beginning look like?

For many the New Year is for planning positive changes and forging new paths for wellness: heart-healthy diets, cardio regimens or new gym memberships. But what about the other “heart” health? How often do you need to be reminded to nourish and exercise the spirit?

Workshops at the annual diocesan convention will be offered on Friday morning, Friday later afternoon and Saturday lunch time. The topics will include:

This year we will be organizing a “pick-up” choir for the Friday Eucharist at Convention. Mr. Dent Davidson, Associate of Arts and Liturgy with the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago will be preaching AND leading the music. Admired by many for his musical ministry in the Episcopal Church, Dent is well-known for the joyous music and song at the House of Bishops meetings. His enthusiasm is infectious as is his ability to create community while making music. There will be a brief rehearsal on Friday morning (January 25) at 11 a.m.

On December 12, 2012, Diocesan Council ratified a total of $68,000 in grants recommended by the ACTS/VIM Board for their fall 2012 granting cycle.

The offering from the 139th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark will be divided equally between the Good Shepherd Academy of the Good Shepherd Home for Children in Cameroon and Cross Roads Camp & Retreat Center.

On December 12, 2012, Diocesan Council ratified a total of $69,432 in grants recommended by the Ward J. Herbert Fund Board for its third granting cycle.

Last month, I asked fellow clergy if they exercise regularly, and if so what difference it made in their spiritual, congregational, personal, and/or family lives. The responses were amazing – but first, I want to tell you a little about how science has been catching up with the age-old wisdom of people of prayer regarding the healing power of the mind-body-spirit connection.

[The Star-Ledger] There are those battered by Hurricane Sandy, others saddened by the tragedy in Connecticut, questioning life and, perhaps, faith.

But the weary are called to rejoice, as the Rev. Canon Sandye A. Wilson puts it. Christians are called to celebrate — to find peace — in a seemingly broken world. Her followers see it around them.