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Six months ago, I was invited to preach yesterday, November 4 at General Theological Seminary. Here is my sermon.

In September 2007, Archbishop Rowan Williams came to our House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans. He began his introductory remarks with a story from the early days of World War 1. British and German troops were burrowed in trenches, a cannon shot away from each other. During a lull in the fighting, a senior British officer reportedly asked in some desperation, “How did we wind up here?”

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Bishops United Against Gun Violence, an ad hoc group of almost 60 Episcopal bishops, today released a briefing paper that “seeks to shed light on new findings indicating that the vast majority of Americans today, including gun owners, support universal background checks prior to all gun sales.”

Bishop Beckwith's Blog

Tomorrow night is Halloween. Millions of children from all over the country will put on costumes and take on a new identity. They will go from house to house, or car trunk to car trunk ("trunk or treat"), or classroom to classroom with empty bags that fill up with candy as the evening goes along.

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OK! You’ve gotten your congregation to use electronic newsletters (e-newsletters) with Constant Contact or Mail Chimp or some other method. That’s a great step forward. Now you have to make those e-newsletters communicate!

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While I am better with painting my thoughts and ideas, I think it would be worth it to explain, with words, where I am coming from. I finished a painting recently, after a period of painter’s block, that encompasses an especially large part of my story.


The theme of the annual Women’s Retreat at Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center, held October 17-19, 2014, was “JOY.” Those of us who attended discovered that joy comes in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. We were full of love and joy after spending two nights together, meditating, praying, singing, sighing, laughing, listening to each other, and learning about our inter-generational friends ages 18 to 85.

Church News

At Diocesan Convention in January 2013, several deputies from Church of the Atonement in Tenafly attended a Justice Board workshop by Laura Russell, Esq. that raised their awareness of human trafficking here in New Jersey. As a result, Atonement has developed a relationship with the Bergen County organization Shelter Our Sisters (SOS) to support their commitment to trafficking victims.

Senior Ministries

"It's in giving that we receive." – Prayer of St. Francis

If there were a way to help others, feel great about yourself, and make a difference, at no cost to you, would you be interested? There is. If you haven’t yet tried it yet, it’s volunteering. And there are ways to keep the volunteering experience fresh and rewarding, so read on.

Bishop Beckwith's Blog

One of my deepest convictions has long been that we are called to work with God in the ongoing process of creation – which means that we are called to be creative. I used to think being creative was limited to being able to make something: a painting, a poem, a lasagna, a birdhouse. Something concrete, and infused with artistic expression. That is all part of it, but since many of us are hampered by the notion that we have little capacity for artistic expression, we feel that the opportunity to be creative has passed us by.

It hasn't.

"Geeks for God" Blog

People who are actively seeking a new church no longer turn to the newspapers or an advertisement on a placemat at a diner. The first stop for most people will be the internet – particularly your website and Facebook.