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Here am I. Send me.

So there I was, a week before my ordination to the diaconate – in June, 1979. I was 27 years old. The Rector of the church where I had just started serving as an Assistant, sent me to go and get my picture taken professionally so my ordination and position could be announced in the local paper. His was a reasonable, and expected, request. I had my new clergy shirts, and buttons and clerical collars – but I had never put them on before. You would think that after all the preparation and formation – and final approvals, with a process that had some bumps along the way, I would be excited about assuming my new identify; but all I could feel was ambivalence. I did have a deep sense of what God was doing in me – but I wasn’t sure what I was doing – or what would happen to me once I put the collar on. Or what was expected of me once I had Reverend in front of my name. All of this roiled in me as I got dressed And even though it was a hot and muggy day, I put on my overcoat – and turned the coat collar up so that my impending ecclesiastical identity could not be seen.

Star-Ledger Op-Ed

[The Star-Ledger] We’ve had years to plan for New Jersey’s Super Bowl, which will be played in the Meadowlands a week from today. The Meadowlands sit squarely in the heart of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, comprising more than 100 congregations in the northern third of the state — and like everyone else in the area, we have been preparing for months.

In the News

[Episcopal News Service] Residents of Millington, New Jersey, have turned to the local All Saints Episcopal Church as a prayerful gathering place as they await word on the fate of a missing Wall Street Journal reporter who lives with his family near the church.

Convention Video

More than 80 images of members engaged in discipleship and bringing the altar into the world, as well as scenes from congregational and diocesan life, taken throughout 2013 in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. (Time: 5:29)


How would the world be transformed if we understood ourselves as being called and sent out to join God in God’s mission? With the theme Daring to be Disciples of Jesus, the 2014 Diocesan Convention seeks to provide innovative answers to this question, which is central to Christians and to the missional church.

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[Independent Press] In conjunction with Girls Scouts World Thinking Day, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Youth Group in Chatham is sponsoring a presentation on Sunday, Feb. 9, by Maggie Doyne, a Mendham native, who at age 19 used her babysitting savings to begin building a home for orphaned children in war-ravaged Nepal.

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[Morristown Green] Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty has pledged to review police gun purchases, to ensure the town is buying from manufacturers who are committed to gun safety technology and sales practices that keep guns from falling into the wrong hands.