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[The Montclair Times] The U.S. Supreme Court made a historic ruling Friday, June 26, allowing same-sex marriage throughout the nation. The issue has frequently been a subject of controversy within religious institutions. Some of the house of worship leaders in and around Montclair spoke with The Montclair Times about their opinions on the matter.

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[New Jersey Herald] They have been friends for a decade or more, but, truth be told, really had not talked to each other for the past few years.

"He reached out to me," the Rev. George B. Martinez told the congregation seated before him. "I want to repeat that -- he reached out to me."

Seated behind Martinez was the Rev. Robert Griner, the collared "he" of whom Martinez spoke.

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Many momentous decisions were made at General Convention – the election of a new Presiding Bishop, the endorsement of marriage rites for trial use that bring the church to marriage equality, the ratification of some structural changes in The Episcopal church (TEC) that will provide greater clarity in the governance at the denominational level of an ever changing church.