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On November 9, the quadrennial presidential election marathon, which has consumed more space in the media and in the psyche than any time I can remember, will be over. A winner will be declared and a loser will concede defeat. And no matter how it turns out, millions of people will be hopping mad.


Transforming congregations requires changing the roles of leaders. Leaders need to be like gardeners, cultivating the ground to develop rich soil in which plants will thrive and grow.

Alleluia Fund for Outreach

Active in Newark since 1991, Pathways to College is a national organization providing underserved students with the support they need to become the best high school students, college applicants, and college students they can be.

In the News

[Mount Olive Chronicle] Nine years ago, Ray Bonker had an idea for how his daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, could participate and enjoy in Sunday services at Christ Episcopal Church in Budd Lake.

Senior Ministries

“I have lived in this house for the past 30 years and I have no intention of moving. It’s a fine home!” Many of us have heard these words uttered by our own parents, elderly friends and acquaintances, and perhaps our spouses. Or maybe we have already said these words to ourselves. But let’s be real. We all may experience at least some physical limitations as time marches on. Whether they are temporary or permanent, those limitations can have serious effects on our ability to live comfortably in a safe environment.