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This week Bishop Mark Beckwith and members of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark are on an ambitious, modern-day pilgrimage: walking across the entire diocese, starting from the Delaware River in Belvidere on Monday, July 25, and concluding their 80-plus mile journey at the Hudson River in Hoboken on Saturday, July 30.


During the six days of July 25-30, a number of people will join Bishop Beckwith in walking across our entire diocese, from the Delaware River that forms our western boundary with Pennsylvania to the Hudson River that forms our eastern boundary with New York – a journey totaling 80 miles. On this prayerful pilgrimage, the walkers will look for where God is at work in our communities and how we can join God in shaping the future of our diocese.

There are opportunities for all of us to participate directly or offer our support:

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Bishop Beckwith's Blog

Our first day of pilgrimage across the diocese was hot. And humid. our feet and our faith carried us forward, but the real grace for me was the hospitality – from the St. Luke's and St. Mary's folks in Belvidere who served us breakfast, to the staff and Board at House of the Good Shepherd who welcomed us at the end of the day with showers and piles of food.

Bishop Beckwith's Blog

For the past several months, I have been much engaged by the image of a river. Much of this has to do with a text many of us have been reading, Joshua 3:1-11, in which the Israelites, led by Joshua, are camped on the west side of the Jordan, getting ready to cross over into the land that has been promised to them – after having spent forty years in the Sinai wilderness. They are eager, and they are nervous. Eager to discover a new way of living together, and nervous because "you have never passed this way before" (Joshua 3:4).

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This year St. Alban’s, Oakland/Franklin Lakes joined The Church of St. Luke and St. Mary of Hope and Belvidere to sponsor their first joint youth mission trip, “Serving in the Son.” The week was based at Trinity Church in Asbury Park and included work in the parish food pantry and soup kitchen, as well as reclaiming some unused space for ministry and participating in the weeknight Taize service.

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The sound of children’s voices, drums and other percussion instruments filled St. Alban’s Church in Oakland/Franklin Lakes from June 20-24 as Sacred Sounds Music Camp returned for a highly successful week. Forty-seven elementary children and 23 junior high schoolers joined 13 professional and volunteer adults in an exciting and rewarding week of faith, music and fellowship.

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In this podcast, Ginny Dinsmore, Suzanne Willian and Kay Lark – all intimately involved in the Joining God in Shaping Our Future process – quickly review some of the experiments and excitement that came out of the report-outs in June. They also describe what to expect next, including the three gatherings this September - Listening Tables - to which all members of the diocese are invited.


Every year in Newark, adults want to return to school to complete their high school education. These adults seek to study the math, reading, writing, science, technology and other skills they need to earn a high school equivalency credential (formerly known as GED) to fulfill personal goals, advance their careers or attend college. However, the programs available to adult learners in Newark are limited.

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Hundreds of people crowded into a sweltering South Orange auditorium on July 12 for an evening of candid conversation about recent police-involved shootings – including the highly questionable shooting deaths of black men by white police officers in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, as well as the assassination of five white police officers by a black gunman in Dallas.


I am Mark Trautman, and I write this note as the Bishop’s newly appointed Missioner of Music and the Arts for the Diocese of Newark. I serve as the Director of Music at St. Paul’s in Englewood, where I direct a large choral program that includes an after-school program for children and teenagers.

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Bishop Edmond Lee Browning, the 24th presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, died on July 11, 2016. He was 87 years old and was living in Oregon.

"Geeks for God" Blog

You may have heard that Facebook is changing the algorithms that determine what shows up in your News Feed. Rumor has it that you will see more of what your friends post – status, photos, links to stories – and less of items from Facebook Pages.

But your church’s Facebook presence is one of those Pages. How will these changes affect your ability to communicate what’s happening with your congregation? Will people miss hearing or seeing some of your exciting news?

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[Chatham Courier] Twenty campers ranging in age from 4-to-10-years old-explored soil at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Earth Science camp earlier this month.

Voices in our Diocese

Jackie Remy of St. Agnes' Church in Little Falls describes herself as: a black woman; a mother of five, including four sons, one of whom is a police officer; a grandmother of two biracial grandchildren; and the only black member, currently, of her congregation. After the shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas, which resulted in the killings of two black men by police and of five officers by a black man, Jackie shared with her congregation what she's learned from living and raising children in mostly white communities. "It’s easy to pray. It’s not easy to hear God’s voice. It’s not easy to listen," she says. "It’s not easy to walk in another’s shoes or to comprehend their struggle or pain unless you first listen." Her reflection is reprinted here with permission.

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Thirty choristers from around the state of New Jersey gathered at the Church of St. Andrew and Holy Communion in South Orange on Saturday, April 23 for the third annual Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) New Jersey Choral Festival. This year’s event was conducted by Loraine Enlow, music associate for youth choirs at St. James’ Church, Madison Avenue in New York City.

Bishop Beckwith's Blog

“Enough!” a colleague wrote to me earlier today as he asked to join the network of Bishops United Against Gun Violence, in the wake of the assassination of police officers last night in Dallas. "Enough!" was the chant started by a local mayor at a vigil I attended nearly a month ago after the murders in Orlando, Florida. The echo of "enough" went on for several minutes, growing in volume and intensity.