Alleluia Fund for Outreach

The word “Advent” is from the Latin adventus which means coming. As we enter this season of anticipation and reflection, our ministry partners in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark are busy. Busy providing shelter to the homeless; busy serving 500 meals a day in just one town alone; busy providing a safe, loving environment for our seniors; busy teaching U.S. Citizenship and English language classes; busy fighting disease, promoting health, and responding to disasters – especially here in our seven counties in northern New Jersey but also internationally.

In the News

[NJ.com] Nearly 100 New Jersey religious leaders have signed a letter urging Gov. Chris Christie as "a man of faith" to reconsider his widely-publicized statements that the nation refuse all Syrian refugees, even "orphans under age 5."

In the News

[The Record] A coalition of Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders on Tuesday called on New Jersey to welcome Syrian refugees, part of a growing interfaith movement that is gaining traction to counter escalating anti-Muslim rhetoric in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Bishop Beckwith's Blog

For the 129 people who died in Paris on Friday night, it was the end of the world. For so many of us who witnessed footage of the carnage and chaos in the wake of coordinated brutal attacks, it felt like the end of the world. As we close on the end of the liturgical year, which is November 22, the stories from scripture point to the end of the world. That's what the writers of both the Hebrew scriptures and the gospels expected.

"Geeks for God" Blog

Anyone who writes articles for church publications or local media understands the difference between writing for an internal audience (your congregation) and an external one (your community). But have you thought about the issues when writing for another type of audience – your fellow churches in the Diocese of Newark?

Church News

On Sunday, November 8,  Trinity Church in Allendale (Northern Bergen County) celebrated the culmination of a two-year journey searching for what God was doing in our neighborhoods. In 2013, the parish’s Outreach Ministry began a journey of joining God in the health and care of those who were currently serving and had served in this country’s armed services.